Information on "short" Finnish license plates

First of all, the history of the short plate series is not as clear as in the standard plates.
That's why I'll go through only the basic facts and also simplify things a little.

Before the year 1989 there were two- and three-letter N-series, for example plates like NA-123
and NAA-12. The numeral part is any number between 1...999 totalling max. 5 characters plate.

The big change in standard plates shows up very much similar in the shorter plates. Below is
a small table with some newer N-series. Maybe not so exact, but shows things at least generally.


Because the N-series would have run out quite fast, the J-series were released also. Below is a
table showing some history of the J-series, I've been able to put together so far. Again, not so
exact information. Note the reverse alphabetical order, an interesting detail in the J-series.

1991-19921992-19931993-19941995-19961994-19951995     1995-19961996-1997
1997     1997-19981997-19981998-19991998-19991999-20002000     2000     
2001     2001     2001     

Besides these, the skipped N-series have been slowly released during the 1990's. The skipped
ones include the series NxF, NxG, NxI, NxY, NxZ where "x" is a letter from A...X. See the
standard plates section for a more detailed example (with A-series), if needed.

Well, as you saw, the short plates are mainly N- and J-series. But, to be more thorough, there
are also other types of short plates. Some two-letter series have been released mostly during the
1980's, they include series like LA, OA and RA. When I've figured out more exact history
behind them, I'll put that information here too.

Update: As the J-series almost reached the end, the C-series were introduced... starting backwards
from CZZ. This took place in 2006.

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